An Advent Prayer

Good morning God. 

We are thankful this morning for the beautiful sunshine and the fresh snow. We are grateful for warm socks, for hot tea and coffee, and for the knowledge that you are the God who comes close.

We come before you with our uncertainty. We are thankful that You are an ever present help in trouble. You do not shield us from the pain of life, but you are right beside us in it. You are there with us in the light, in the dark, and in the messy in-betweens of life. 

Lord, for some of us, this Advent season has been one that has been more difficult than others. 

We pray for those who are battling illness right now and we ask for your grace and for your help in having health and strength return. 

Some of us, God, are steeped in anxiety. Would you help us to s l o w our frantic minds and hearts, and to breathe in your peace in each moment when it feels overwhelming? 

Some of us are struggling to find hope in this season. Gentle Jesus, come close. 

Some of us will be separated from our loved ones again and are grieving yet another loss from CoVID. Lord, we pray for comfort in our disappointment. 

Others of us are worried and concerned due to situations with children.  Jesus, draw near in our fear. 

We lift up medical personnel who are beleaguered and worn. Please strengthen the weary hands and hearts that care for the sick today.

Sometimes, Lord, our news feeds and days have been soaked in the latest CoVID stats, rather than in your Presence. Help us to turn off what we need to in order to spend more moments with you. Help us to quiet our hearts in order to sense your gentle presence.  Your Word promises that when we draw near to you, you will draw near to us. 

God, You are greater than all of the circumstances that we face. We know that you are the Prince of Peace… and so, we ask in your grace, that you would help us to find… and to experience … that peace. 

God, we know that you are the God of hope. We ask and pray that we would find your hope in all the dark corners of our lives. 

We know that you are the God of joy. Would you please help us to open our eyes to even the smallest sparkles of joy this week so that we might recognize your goodness? 

And we know that you are the God of love, who came down to earth to be with us, to show us how to live a different way, a way that is full of abundant life. 

Thank you that we can know and rely upon the love that you have for us, Lord. Because sometimes life just feels messy. You were born into the mess of a stable. We love you and trust you because we know that you understand the messiness of life here on earth. 

May we, like the shepherds, seek you joyfully, leaving our responsibilities behind, believing that for the moment, those things are held safe in your care.

May we, like the wise men, be willing to travel long and far in order to find the Saviour that was revealed. 

May we, like Joseph, hear the Holy Spirit in order to guide and protect what is of you, even if we don’t quite understand it all.

May we, like Mary, humbly offer ourselves to you, our whole selves, even though hardship is part of the journey. 

Emmanuel… love letter from God….. we welcome you this week into all of our moments. 


2 thoughts on “An Advent Prayer

  1. Don Linkletter

    A wonderful Advent prayer, Kristen!! So appropriate for this week of December – with so many upsetting and unsettling things surrounding us. Thanks for sending me a copy.


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