Tears of God

Coming back from a run this morning, my hand caught drips of water falling from the leaves of the trees, remaining from last night’s deluge.

I imagined that God was still wiping tears from his eyes from the events of yesterday in Nice, France and that I was catching those tear drops, and somehow sharing in His grief.

This week has been one full of pain in our world. A mother and her little girl murdered. Rampant rages of terror. Racial division and tension in the States. Acts of violence and murder in other areas of the world.  If I can feel the burden of sin and brokenness so strongly, for those who are strangers to me, how does God carry the weight of it all for each of His children who are hurting? He knows each one, He created each one, He loves each one. Sometimes I imagine that he must just sit and cry as he witnesses each hurt, each pain, each atrocity.

To share in His suffering… is this what it means? To cry along with God, as we mourn the pain and utter brokenness of life on earth? Sometimes it seems too much for my frail, tender heart to bear. Perhaps that is why Jesus tells us to cast all our burdens upon Him… he knows it is too much for us to bear?

My tears fall…  like those drips from the trees.