Prayers for a kitty cat


We faced a slight crisis in our home a few days ago. We arrived home from an outing to find our dear, sweet cat not using one of her legs. She was subdued, quiet, and walking on 3 legs when she needed to get somewhere. She was not acting herself and I was concerned.

Summer, our cat, is one of the dearest creatures I have ever met. Seriously. We adopted her from the animal shelter 5 years ago and we have come to love her immensely.P1000985





She is sweet. She has never attempted to bite, scratch or defend herself from little people.



She adopted some kittens as her own when we fostered for an animal shelter one time. Our kids get great comfort from her when they are hurt or sick. Her temperament is beautiful, her spirit gentle and serene. We love her so much.



A trip to the vet was scheduled and I had to leave her there for xrays.

My concern came from the fact that although we had enough money to get her assessed at the vet, there is a limit to our financial funds when it comes to pets.  Although we love sweet Summer, and consider her a part of our family, we have other financial commitments that we need to honour. I knew something was seriously wrong and I was worried that the treatment options might outstrip our ability to pay for them.

I fervently prayed. But instead of doing what I might normally do, and telling God how I wanted this all to turn out, {please and thank you very much} I placed Summer into God’s hands. In fact, I surrendered her there. Although my heart was breaking, I gave her to God. I told God how much we loved her, but that whatever the outcome, I would still trust Him, love Him and know that He is good.

I believe that God asks us to surrender everything to Him. But I don’t think that God takes away the things we love and have surrendered into His hands for the sake of teaching us something. God, our loving heavenly Father does not operate in this way because He is good. His intentions for us are good – always. He does not inflict pain upon us. For someone who personifies Love itself... how does that make any sense at all? But of course, sometimes things are removed from our lives – jobs, homes, friends, family, pets. And whatever has been taken and left a gaping hole in our aching heart, God {love itself} is there to fill that hole. If we are in pain, He wants to come close to comfort and to be our peace.

Sometimes our prayers for healing and miracles happen. Sometimes they don’t.  And I don’t have the answers as to why.

I did all I could. I prayed. I asked God to be my strength and comfort in the midst of the situation. And I surrendered my desires to Him, my ‘perfect outcome’.  I asked for His perspective on what seemed like an uncertain and possibly painful situation. To paraphrase Graham Cooke, “God, what do you want to be for me right now? What do you want to say to me right now in the middle of this situation?” God is always about relationship with you. And that is where the learning takes place, the growing-to-be-more-like-Jesus, the ongoing sanctification process that is God’s purpose for us: within the confines of a relationship, and within the context of daily life and circumstances that come our way.

If the situation turns out the way that you wanted it to, yes, joy, and amen, praise God. But what if it doesn’t? What if the miracle doesn’t come? Does that mean that God has not answered the prayer that you held up to Him? Does it mean that God doesn’t care about you or your feelings? Does it mean that God is punishing you for something?

I really don’t think so.

We assume a lot about God based on our experiences with people. Perhaps you were denied things by the ones who were supposed to care for you when you were young. Perhaps they ignored your requests for help. Maybe they punished you, perhaps unjustly, or harshly.

That is not who God is, nor how he operates.

To find out who God is, we search the Scriptures and we see His character. We study the person of Jesus and how he treated people, for Jesus said, “When you have seen me, you have seen the Father” (John 14:9). Difficult things in life happen and if we do not see the outcome we wanted, does that affect how we see God, how we believe He thinks about us, or what type of mood He is in that day that we asked for something?

Doesn’t Scripture tell us that God never changes? James 1:17 tells us that “Every good and perfect gift comes from above, coming down from the Father of heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” God tells us over and over again how much He loves us, like children. “Or what man is there among you who, when his son asks for a loaf, will give him a stone? 10“Or if he asks for a fish, he will not give him a snake, will he? 11“If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give what is good to those who ask Him!” (Matt.7:9-11)

The vet called to let us know what the xrays had revealed that our cat had dislocated her elbow {ouch!!} and to ask permission to try to manually get the joint back into place. She explained that it was a tough job, that there were risks associated with it, but that if she wasn’t able to do it, she would have to refer us to the surgical unit at the nearby vet college.


Good news? Dislocated elbows can be fixed without the need for surgery.

Bad news? If our vet could not do it right then, surgery would be the only option left.

Super bad news? I had used up all our funds on the assessment and diagnostics of the problem. We couldn’t afford surgery to fix our cat.

I immediately sent a message to my praying friends that my cat needed a miracle RIGHT THEN and to please pray. I went into my room, shut and door and prayed with all the faith I could muster up that the vet would be able to pop the joint back together. I knew it was our only hope to have Summer back home with us.

30 minutes later we went to pick her up.

Super good news? The vet had managed to pop the joint back together and no surgery was needed!!!

My heart was elated. I thanked God for a happy ending, for a miracle for our cat.

God cares about the things we care about. God knows our heart for our pets. He understands how much they are a part of our family. He created each one unique. He cries when we cry over them. He knows the deep hurt of loss when they die.

P1030188I believe that God had a hand in saving Summer’s life this week.  I know that one day we will have to let her go for good. But not this week. God has given us a little longer to enjoy our sweet, sweet kitty. Thank you, Lord.


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