About me…

I seek to enjoy life in all its moments and attempt to listen to the voice of the Good Shepherd for guidance and wisdom as I do. I love to begin my day with exercise, a cuppa tea and time with Jesus… although often at least one of those things falls by the wayside (lol). I love animals, the outdoors, keeping fit, sharing a cup of coffee and conversation with a friend, and, above all, I love Jesus. I am a wife of 20 years to my best friend and a mom to three amazing teens that are quickly out growing me.  I began this blog thinking that I would simply write about what God was teaching my heart. By sharing my heart with you, my hope is that you would find some encouragement in your own faith walk with Jesus.

10 thoughts on “About me…

  1. Eric Schechter

    Your story about the snowflake touched my heart pretty good! I was researching pictures of real snowflakes to put on my Facebook page to go with a parable I wrote about snowflakes and I saw a completely different perspective on them, yours , and It’s real good, in fact I wrote every word down on paper and I am going to incorporate it in a speach I will do at a Christian retreat where I will speak to 100 men for 45 minutes on the study of God. and how the study of God in the scriptures, in ourselves, in other people and In our enviroments brings us closer to him, therfore enriching us and making us Holy. Because it is through the study of God in our enviroment that helps us understand his message and what our role is personally, so we can then share him with others in our community. For It is through Piety, Sudy and Action that we live the true Christian Ideal.

    This is my Parable;

    Every snowflake is unique, there are no two the same. It takes millions of ice crystals to make one snowflake and if one ice crystal does not bond with the other ice crystals it will evaporate before it hits the ground, therefore it dies.

    Just as God made us unique, each one of us has a special contribution to his plan and in his Kingdom on Earth and in Heaven. We cannot survive and grow and live without each other. By working togehter to do his will here we all make this a better place to live until we go home to our father in Heaven.

    My name is Eric and I Live in Lake Forest California with my wife Carol and our two children Andrew(11) Sara(8). My wife and I have been married for the past 17 years. We are the leaders of a ministry in our church called “Cursillo”. There is information on the ministry at: http://www.occursillo.org. It’s a movement that started in Santigo De Compostella spain in 1943.

    Whether or not you are Catholic there is some good Christian information on the website. I don’t just look at Cathloic information, I get alot of great information from many different Christian books, audio-visual material, radio and websites as I just did on yours. You never know how or when you will affect someone as you did me today.Your website looks great and your messages are very good, don’t ever stop!

    I don’t have a Christian website as of yet, but feel free to look me up on Facebook. You will see the my snowflake parable and yours and a couple of notes I have written.

    Thank You’

    And may God Bless you in some special way today!

    Eric Schechter
    Cursillo administrator for Santiago De Compostela
    Catholic Church
    Lake Forest, California


    1. Thank you Eric, for your encouragement. I feel blessed simply by finding your comments on my blog today! : ) I have heard of Cursillo, as good friends of ours were involved many years ago. I hope that your talk goes well and that others are blessed through your words.


  2. Lee

    Great blog.

    I found your blog because of the snowflake picture – which shows up in google images. I have now read a few of your posts.

    I’m going to try to “dare to be different” from now on 🙂


  3. BigSkyKen

    I love your topics and the overall attitude of your blog. It is well done, and backed by powerful Scriptural messages. Keep up the good work!


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  5. Steven Paul, a Christ follower...

    A very nice bio. I also understand about some things which “drop by the wayside” at times!

    Please visit again when you can…


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