A prayer…

Father, it seems that there is much struggle and hardship, within our own hearts. Each one of us comes carrying burdens. God, you tell us to “Cast our burdens upon You, for You care for us”. So often we try to carry them on our own. So right now I’d like to ask each of us to focus on a burden that we have been carrying. In your mind’s eye, in your imagination, (or for real) would you hold your hands out in front of you? And can you place that burden that you’ve been carrying, into your hands…..

Look at it…                 acknowledge it…

I now want you to imagine Jesus in front of you, coming towards You with love in his eyes…

Can you picture yourself offering that burden to Jesus… and can you see Him taking it out of your hands?

He is asking what you need today. Tell him what you need in your heart…what you truly need.

For those who need strength because they are overworked, overtired and burdened by life, we pray the strength of the Lord. God is able. God is bigger than any circumstance.

For those who need peace because they are facing situations that feel overwhelming and fraught with anxiety, breathe in the peace of Christ… He is the Prince of Peace.

For those who need a breath of fresh air, a revival in their dry and weary spirits, we pray for fresh wind. Jesus longs to breathe that right into our spirit if you would allow him to do that for you. The story of the valley of dry bones comes to my mind. The Spirit of God can breathe life into your dry and weary bones.

For those who need joy today, because you are feeling crushed by disappointment, despair, depression or darkness, Jesus can give you that joy that you crave.

For those who need freedom… from a situation, from an addiction, from a bondage of any kind, Jesus is the way-maker, he is the bondage-breaker. He offers freedom in a way that no one else is able to.

For those who need release from sin … be assured that Jesus died for the forgiveness of every sin. Including that one. There is no sin too great that the Cross did not deal with it. And perhaps we can just pray right now that the Holy Spirit would bring to mind anything that is not pleasing to God in your life. It is the kindness of God that brings repentance… He is kind… His is not a condemning voice, or an angry voice. He does not point out our sin to crush us under condemnation, for there is NO condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. He calls us to repentance so that we might turn and find freedom… abundant life…. True life.

God, you know our every need. You have heard every heart’s cry here today. Thank you for listening. Thank you for your love and care for us. Teach us how to receive what we need from you.

We pray in your powerful name, Jesus.



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