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The Passion of Christ



Passion Week. Our pastor reminded us on Sunday that the definition of “passion” actually comes from the Latin word ‘pati’ which means suffer. I had forgotten that. Sometimes I also conveniently ‘forget’ what Jesus went through during the last few days of Passion Week. I forget about how much he suffered on my behalf. All because of Love.

And so I remind myself during Passion Week, of what Jesus went through because he loved me. Because he loves you. 

I don’t know about you, but when I actually watch all the pain that Jesus went through, it puts a new sense of pain, of awe, and of gratitude in my heart.

If you have 16 minutes, watch scenes from the Passion of the Christ set to music. {It is quite graphic and brutal.}

If you have less time, you can watch this clip instead, set to a different piece.

It makes me remember again why it is that I am indebted to Jesus, why I owe him my life and why I bow to him in humble adoration and praise. The Lord of all, the Creator of the universe, chose to suffer the torture, indignity and shame of the Cross.

My Jesus, my friend. You suffered so much on my behalf. You hated sin so much that you chose the nails. You chose the path of immense pain, incredible suffering… all because you wanted me to be able to choose you, to be able to come close to you, to be in close relationship with you, with the Father and with the Holy Spirit. Jesus, my friend. Thank you.

Maybe you have questions about ‘why’ Jesus had to die. Check out this post for an explanation. Or what the purpose of so much suffering was. This post.