Letting go

The trees were letting go of their leaves this morning.

Whirling and swirling through the air, dropping like snowflakes on a winter’s day.

I wondered: does God tell the trees that it’s time to let go of their leaves? Or one day, does the tree just decide, ‘it is time.. it is time to let them go..’

And as I noticed the dropping leaves, I heard the Spirit say to my spirit

“Let go……… let go…….”

Quietly but surely I heard it.

My mind was racing with the events and to-do list of the day, but I instead tried to surrender the things that were burdening my heart…    what could I let go of?

Perhaps there is something that you need to let go of today? Is God’s spirit prompting you to let go of something and let it fall? Let it fall into His capable hands? Or to its death even?

Leaves decay and help to bring new life from their ashy remains. Perhaps your letting go of something will enable a new life to begin where there is nothing visible? Perhaps it will provide fodder for a new dream, or a new idea or a new way of relating to God or to others? Or perhaps it just means letting go of things unnecessary? The things that we stress about and worry about and burden our hearts with, but we are not meant to carry …  those things that we think matter, but in the long run, perhaps they really don’t.

When you have some time, quietly sit. Place before God all the concerns that you need to. And then ask if there is something that God wishes you to let go of.    Just ask.    And wait. Wait quietly and listen deep in your heart, for this is where God speaks. I would love to hear back if you have an answer that you would like to share.