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Sometimes it seems as though we perform a frantic dog paddle at the surface of the sea, trying desperately to keep our noses above water while juggling all the balls.

Energy flags, arms tire, we long for rest….yet expectations keep us paddling furiously.

What if we were to let ourselves sink?

What if we were to let go of the surface, let go of that last gasp of air that we know, and sink gently beneath the choppy waves into the quiet depths of the sea?

What if we allowed the unknown and mysterious depths to embrace us… to welcome us home?

To feel our weightlessness… and to allow the pressure of the water to support our body?

What if we were to finally exhale that surface breath of air from our lungs, in order to inhale the watery fluid of the depths…

…that we lived and breathed and had our being in

before we filled our lungs on the outside of our mother’s womb?

What if we trusted that our lungs would refill, this time with the living water that is promised?

What if we found that instead of drowning in the depths, that we actually were brought back to life?

To a new way of ‘doing life’?

A way of flowing in and within the Spirit, of swimming and joyfully diving in the mysterious depths of the Divine?