Are you ready to fly?


In the past week, this image has been on my heart.

We are familiar with this picture of helpless baby birds, screaming for food from harried and worn parents who fly back and forth finding food and stuffing it into their hungry, gaping mouths as quickly as possible. Blind and naked, these babies need feeding in order to survive.

Obvious, right?

My question is, how long do baby birds stay like that? Do we see these birds still blind, naked and screaming for someone to feed them months later?

Hardly. We expect to see these baby birds grow, get feathers, and fill out. Then they stand on the edge of the nest, testing their freshly feathered wings and one day, they fly out into the world.

So why are we content, in the church, to remain like blind little birds squawking for feeding?

When do we grow up and become more than helpless birds (still) screaming for someone to feed us?

When do we stop relying on the weary leadership of the church to give, give and give us even more?

When do we begin to fulfill our purpose in the world?

When do we step out and find our destiny, the one that Jesus has asked us to step into?

I think it is when we realize that the Church does not exist to serve you. You are the Church. The Church is not a building. The Church is a body. And a body is a living, breathing, growing entity. That is the big picture. However, the truth is, that in order to grow, we need to get into a dynamic relationship with the living Head of the Church – that is, with Jesus.  We need to learn who we really are in Him. It’s a bigger picture than you realize. There are spiritual depths to plumb that far surpass the deepest waters of any ocean.

So grow up. Get some feathers. Stop yelling at everyone else to feed you. Ask Jesus to show you how to get beyond the baby bird stage. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you what you need in order to grow. Realize that you can hear from God because He speaks all the time. We just need to learn to tune in to His voice.

Are you ready to fly??


Resources that have helped me grow in this area:

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