Faith under Fire

I was stirred by this speech given before the UN by a Jewish rabbi.

He spoke about the persecution of Christians worldwide and called the UN to task on this.  I am so grateful to this man calling attention to the horrors that Christians are subjected to for their faith. I was especially grateful that it was someone of another faith to avoid the ‘bias’ that might be inferred.

Sometimes when I am made aware of situations where Christians are suffering and being persecuted and killed for their faith, I feel hopeless about it. I’m not sure what I can do. Sometimes I even wake up in my cosy bed in the morning and feel guilty for having been lucky enough to have been born here, in North America. As I emerge from under my comforter, I think of those Christian prisoners who wake up on a cold, cement floor to endure another day of torture, beatings, back-breaking work and constant hunger. And I lift them up to the Lord in my heart…. but sometimes I don’t even know how to pray for them. Should I be praying that they might have the strength to endure what they have to that day? Should I be praying for a quick end to their brutal life so that they can go home and rest in the arms of their Saviour? What would they want me to pray for them? My friend told me this week that sometimes her tears are her prayers for those faithful saints who must endure physical pain and suffering. I’m sure God honours those wordless prayers.

Father God, we don’t know the names of those who languish in prison cells half a world away… but You do. You know their names, their hearts and you see their pain. Lord, you see every one of your people who suffer for Your Name, the name of Jesus. God, would you give them what they need today. Would you bless them with more of Your Presence, more of Your peace and more of Yourself so that they might endure what they need to endure.

Here are a few links that I am aware of. If any of you have more information about other organizations aiding Christians under persecution, let me know that I can add those links as well.