The persecuted mothers of Sudan

As I visited the kids’ room before heading to my own bed, I knelt, thinking of the mothers of the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. My children lay sleeping in their beds, breathing deeply. There was palpable peace there.

Quiet. Stillness.

I was so thankful. I thought of those Sudanese mothers – perhaps hiding in the forest, watching their village burn; perhaps holding their children, urging stillness and quiet, so they would not be discovered by attackers. Perhaps watching their children sleep and wondering if their children would live to see the morning.

What a nightmare that would be. To watch your children sleeping, loving them, touching their hair and not knowing whether or not they will make it to the next night. Or what kind of violence they might face in the next few days or weeks to come. The uncertainty of food, or of clean water.

And what was my biggest worry yesterday?

Lord God, this seems too unfair! So unjust! These mothers who suffer so, all because their families have chosen You over other gods. They have chosen to serve and love the Creator of the heavens and the earth. And because of this, they are attacked and their homes villages are destroyed by fire. They  are chased from the safety of a place to grow, to live, to laugh. Chased from home.

At least they know You. I pray that they can turn to you in their fear, in their distress, and find you close. I pray that you might wrap these mothers, and fathers, and families, in your great, loving, arms. I pray for protection for them; protection from the evil that surrounds them.

Won’t you please join me in prayer for this situation? Would you please pray against the darkness of this situation? Let’s pray the light of Christ into that area of the world.