Rest for the Weary

P1060090There is a disc-spitting dragon at the table, right where I wish to set the plates. And someone has left the milk out again. Crumbs mock me from the floor where they pile endlessly, no matter how many times I sweep. The mitts that were drying from the heat vent lie strewn about, the library books teeter on the table. The chili bubbles over on my recently-wiped-down stove top as I contemplate the dragon and the plates and the mess around me. I need someone to make a decision about these tin cans before they go into the recycling for tomorrow: keep for viking wrist gear, or no? Let me know, ‘kay? And like, can you let me know now? And try as I might, I squeeze inside with the impatience. I want the answer right now. I want the mess cleaned immediately. I want. I want.

And then I hear a quiet voice. Come to me, you who are weary and heavy-burdened and I will give you rest.

Rest. Yes, that is probably what I need right now. I need time just to sit and listen to His voice, to put into perspective what is important right now.

I think of other tired people in my life. Rest for a weary sister who arises in the middle of the night to tend to her toddler, works full time, and has to pass board exams in 3 months after 10 long, hard years of study. Rest for a weary mom of an anxious little boy whose tummy aches at the thought of school, and whose eyes display fear when she has to leave him there, with the principal holding the door shut so that he will not run after her. Rest for the mommy-to-be, at 36 weeks with twins, who is working on a masters course, and trying to prepare for two babies, while trying to get some sleep somewhere amidst the discomfort of a body swollen with those last few weeks of growing.

We live in a wearying world. And yet, that promise of Jesus is clear: if we come to Him, He will give us rest. How do we make time to come and rest on his lap in the midst of our hectic schedules? How do we sit still and be with Jesus in order to find this rest that He speaks of? How do we sit quiet when the list of to-do’s is yelling at us?

We need to. We just have to. Without His rest, we won’t have the strength to face what we need to.  So.  Would you join me? Sometime in the next 24 hours I am going to take time to sit still and quiet my heart and simply rest in His presence.  Would you try to do this too, weary friend? Let’s picture Jesus in our minds and ask Him to meet us in our weariness. Let’s let the dragons, and the crumbs, and the dirty dishes and the library books fall to the wayside, and let’s put Jesus front and center for a few moments and let’s find some much-needed rest for our souls.