A story of healing

I want to share a story of healing with you; a story of physical healing that occurred through the power of Jesus Christ. I share it in the hopes of encouraging us all.

Healing is a mystery, but I believe that it is ultimately the will of God the Father. There are many Scriptures that point towards healing throughout the Bible from Exodus, where one of God’s revealed names is Healer, all the way through to Revelation. There is a strong Biblical basis for believing that healing is possible, even for today. Although we have surgery and medicine at our disposal, we also know that our God is the God of the impossible.

I had been feeling discouraged about healing and frankly, lacking in faith, due to the fact that someone in my own life is afflicted with a physical issue that needs a healing touch from Jesus. Despite years of prayer, we have not yet seen breakthrough. However, over and over in the gospels I read about Jesus healing everyone who came to him. And Scripture tells me that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.

It happened at a prayer meeting a few months ago. I have to be honest, I was not really feelin’ it. I was quiet during prayer…. feeling like I didn’t have much to contribute. During the prayer time I had a thought that someone had pain in the area of their neck and/or shoulder. It was a brief thought, almost a ‘picture thought’ more than words, and then as we prayed, it faded into the background of my mind. Near the end of the prayer, again, that thought came to me. We wrapped up the prayer time and not having anything to lose, I asked if anyone had pain in their shoulder/shoulder blade area that needed prayer. Someone’s hand immediately shot into the air. I was surprised.

We gathered around Betty to lay hands on her and to pray. Praying for physical healing is something that I don’t often do. It can make me feel uncomfortable. I begin to wonder, ‘What happens if the healing does not happen? What if that impacts their faith in a loving God?’

This time, despite my doubts, I prayed in obedience, knowing that God had given me that thought, but I’ll be honest, I was not praying with a lot of faith in my heart. We prayed as a group, not long, just simply asking for healing in the name of Jesus.

Several weeks later, I met Betty at church and asked how her shoulder was. I was shocked… and then delighted… to hear that she has had no pain in that shoulder since the night we prayed for her. She expressed joy that Jesus had healed her pain and that she was now able to turn her head side to side with no issues. Furthermore, headaches that had been plaguing her had also been resolved!

My heart leapt, for 2 reasons. One, I really had heard from God in my heart. That evening I was not feeling “spiritual” at all. Still, God spoke. The still, small voice that was simply a thought, was a specific word from God. And secondly, Jesus had healed Betty, a much-loved daughter who had had pain for years. God’s healing power was available even though I was not praying with much faith in my heart. Perhaps that is why God is so passionate about community/family. I didn’t have a lot of faith but perhaps others who were praying and laying hands did.

We don’t know why all those who we pray for are not healed. We don’t have that answer and I don’t think we ever will this side of heaven. I do know that 100% of the people we do not pray for will not get healed. Do we need to wait until God gives us a word before we spring into action? Or do we need to wait for the occasion of a healing service? I don’t think so. We can ask a person respectfully if they would like to receive prayer for healing. And it’s their right to refuse.

But the name of Jesus Christ is powerful – it is by His stripes that we are healed. 

Your thoughts?

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