God Nudges


After two morning commitments I was driving towards home, feeling satisfied after having a good conversation with a friend about my work situation. As I drove, I had a ‘suggestion’ cross my mind, that I should pop into the kids’ school and see K. My mind replayed the awful morning we had had and I decided that yes, it would be good to go and talk to him briefly and clear the air. As I neared the school, I began debating. I didn’t want to interrupt class. But again, there was an insistent ‘feeling’ that I needed to go to the school and see him. I neared the street lights to make the turn and once again my mind reasoned, “It can wait until after school.” Then I noticed that it was recess time and so I turned toward the school, thinking that it would be a good time to go talk to him.

As I entered the foyer, the receptionist was waiting for me. I asked her if the kids were outside and a look of confusion crossed her face. “Well, everyone but K… he is up here with me. He’s sick. I thought you were here to pick him up!”

Due to my habit of turning off my phone volume, I had not received the text or the phone call from my husband or the school.

I took my ashen son home, got him some pain meds and a barf bucket and put him to bed. Not 5 minutes later he needed to use the bucket. The timing of my arrival at the school could not have been better planned.

Some might call it a “mom’s intuition” but I call it a “God nudge”.

Often, God’s ‘voice’ is a still, small voice inside. A thought that crosses our mind. A feeling or impression about something. And all too often we dismiss these thoughts as our own. Or in my case on Tuesday, my rational mind kept giving me reasons why I didn’t need to go.

After a nap my son got up and told me that just a few minutes before I arrived, he had prayed. It felt like God confirming that yes, he had been ‘speaking’ to me. K needed me and God knew that!

Have you ever felt like God was ‘nudging’ you to do something? Or to reach out to someone? I was so encouraged by the events of Tuesday that it made me want to really try to keep more attuned to that still, small voice inside as I go about my days.






Your thoughts?

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