Unexpected fruit

I”m not much of a gardener. Every year I aspire to be but…. well… it just seems like I begin strong, with great intentions, and then things kinda get out of hand and I flag. I don’t spend the time necessary cultivating and caring for my garden. The weeds get high, sometimes I forget to water and … well… it ends up a bit of a mess.

Every year.

A few weeks ago I wondered what kind of plant was absolutely overwhelming the planter boxes that I had made with my dad. The raised beds were meant to make my job as a novice gardener easier. “Surely I can handle 2 small raised beds!”, I thought to myself. There was a large plant that was spreading everywhere and choking out the wee carrots that were trying to find a place to grow. Imagine to my great surprise when fruit began appearing:


Cantaloupe!? I hadn’t planted cantaloupe! What the….?

Then I remembered that I had used our backyard compost in the garden boxes. And since we often eat cantaloupe, well, I’d say it was pretty clear how they ended up in the garden.

Then I felt the Lord speaking to my heart…

He asked me what unexpected fruit I have found in my heart this summer. Have you found some unexpected fruit in your own life recently? If so, I think we need to ask ourselves what we have been feeding our minds and hearts with.

Have we been focused on the Word of God to feed and nourish our souls this summer? Or have there been other things that have taken priority and have been feeding our souls instead?

What books have you been reading? What music has been inspiring you? What have you been spending your time with? Have you been spending time with the Lord and His Word, asking Him to speak to you? Or has it been more of a social media feast? Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat? What has been on your ‘feed’ daily?

The parable of the sower came to mind.

I sowed seeds with intention: carrots, peas, beans, beets. But along with these little gems that have sprouted, there has been a plant that has taken over and has choked out some of my other little plants.

Sometimes, without intention, we can allow our hearts and minds to be filled with things that are not quite what the Lord would want for us. It is easy to be distracted by circumstances in our lives, by the busy-ness that overtakes, and by the things that bombard us in the online world. We can unintentionally allow our hearts and minds to feed on things that are ‘less than’ and find surprising fruit in the garden of our lives.

God is so good in pointing out gently the things that need to change. I’m asking myself what routine I can get back to this fall to make sure that I am cultivating the garden of my heart with the right kind of nourishment to grow the types of things I want to see in my life.


Your thoughts?

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