Fighting stress with His name


“I Am…”, He whispered to my anxious heart this morning.

“I Am…with you.

I Am.

I am the same God who rescued my people from Egypt, who parted the Red Sea for them so that they could walk through. I am… the God who saves. I Am. So why does your heart fear?…

I Am…

I Am…

Breathe in that reality and find peace for your soul. Know that I love you and I help you…

I am is a present tense… do you see that? It is a reminder to you not to run ahead, not to think ahead, but simply to live in each moment… for that is where I dwell, and that is where you need to dwell too. Live simply in.each.moment. That is all you really have. Seek me and find Me in each breath!”

My under-my-breath mantra today to combat the stress is this: remembering who is with me – none other than the great “I Am”. As I breathe His name, I breathe in His peace. As I exhale, I breathe out my stress. Perhaps you might join me?



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