Cup of tea


P1020797This morning as I sat with the Lord and my mug of tea, with some candles lit (oh, joy!), I was journalling the many thoughts that were swirling and twirling through my brain. I then asked God what He might have to say to me today. This is what I heard.

Let my love fill you… let my peace wash over you…. live from the centre – that is where I dwell. Breathe deep in impatient moments. Remember grace. Seek to please me first in all things, not yourself, not the expectations that drive your soul to distraction and flurry.

Think of me as a warm, calming cup of tea, steeping always in front of you, always full and ready for you to take a sip of my Love, my Peace, my Joy, my grace…. whatever you need in the moment.

So my friends, in this season of Advent, where task lists can sometimes get the best of us, let’s remember to turn to the One who can give us whatever we need in the moment we are in.



Your thoughts?

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