Autumn Glory


Written a few years back, but was reminded again as I gaze upon the glorious fall colours…

Heart Murmurs


I round a corner and I catch my breath {again} as I am confronted with a stunning shade of autumn on another tree. I never tire of this annual display of leaves. Glittering golds, warm yellows, wine-coloured purples, vibrant oranges and stunning reds. The beauty!  This week I was pondering if there was any evolutionary reason for coloured leaves in the fall. What would be advantageous, in the evolutionary sense of the word, for the trees to turn amazing, stunning, glorious colour? To me, the answer doesn’t really matter. In the same way that I picture my Creator painting each sunset in all its glory for us to enjoy, I also see him painting leaves. To me, it is another example of our Creator’s love for us. Just think, God could have created brown trees with grey chlorophyll inside dull leaves. Instead, each spring we are delighted by the fresh…

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