Still, small voice

This past weekend I was blessed to visit a retreat center with the Manor Ministry Team where we were taught about listening to God’s voice and journalling His words. The Scriptural basis for this is very sound.

God speaks.

God is always speaking to us, his beloved children.

Look at Scripture. Examine the stories of Abraham & Sarah, Hagar, Moses, Daniel, Jonah, David, the list goes on. Look at the relationship that they shared with God. They spoke with God and they heard God speak to them.

And God wants to speak to you, in the same way. In real time.

We are promised the very same close relationship with God, where He speaks to us. If we learn to quiet ourselves (and our analytical left brains!), and enter the present moment, focus on God/Jesus through images, praising him or pondering His Word, tune into the place within where He speaks, and write down what you hear, you will hear the still, small voice of your Creator.

God speaks through His Word, through the written Word, yes. Absolutely. I have had those moments when reading through Scripture when a phrase would leap out of the page at me. I would realize that God was speaking to me through that phrase, written down by someone else a thousand years ago. But we can do this type of listening because God’s Spirit lives within us. We abide in him and he in us. Our spirits are intertwined as one within (the new creation) and we can hear him through our spirits.

Do you realize when you read the stories of people like Abraham and Moses, that they did not have access to the written words of Scripture yet? How were they hearing God? How did they sustain a relationship with the living God?

This teaching is not new to me, but I was afraid that because I was so out of practise, that I would not hear the voice of God speaking. There is always that niggle of insecurity, because we do not want to be deceived by the other voices that are present (the world, our own flesh/soul and the enemy).

Needless to say, the weekend was a huge encouragement to me. I can see the difference between when I journal my own thoughts, and when I tune into that still, small voice. That voice is much kinder, much more positive, and more wise and loving than I am.

I will share a sample of what I heard God say to me, to give you an example of what I mean.

I asked God, “What do you call me to, Lord?”

I call you to listen to Me, above all else. I call you to seek My Kingdom and My ways. I call you to LOVE. You do not have a specific ministry, but a call to walk in love, to share My love, to encourage others with My words, to BE love, to serve in love, to spend time with me to be refreshed and refilled so that you might flow out of the infinite abundance that is Me. I never run out. I never run dry and you will never reach the end of My Spirit, the end of Me. So reach! Reach high. Reach wide. Gather in. Sow seeds – my grains of Love – everywhere you go. You carry me within and I long to flow out and touch each person. Look in their eyes. And see them with My eyes. For I look upon each heart, each spirit, as precious. I created each one! So many do not know my love, do not believe that I exist. Tell each precious one how special, how unique, they are. I have only created one of each. They need to know.

Your call? Everywhere you walk, speak of My love.

I have a renewed passion for helping others hear God’s still, small voice in their hearts. It is the way to a closer relationship with God. It is a form of personal prophecy – God speaking directly to you.

If your heart is resonating with this and you desire a closer, more intimate walk with Jesus, please google Mark Virkler. He has video teachings, books and other resources. And may this lead you into a deeper relationship with the Lord!






Your thoughts?

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