Spirit and Truth

She spoke a story of miracles. She spoke a story of You.

And my heart resonated with joy.

She spoke of an illness so grave it almost stole her son’s life. A husband who did not speak. Of months of trial and tribulation for a family. Of self sacrifice and self-denial.

She spoke of when circumstances are your problem, when other people are your problem and when you yourself are the problem.

She spoke words that came from You. Spirit words. And my heart beat strong as I heard the Truth proclaimed. She spoke of promises spoken by you to her regarding her son.

She held Your Word in the air and told us that what our culture tells us is not true. You are Truth. You speak through your Scripture. That words written down thousands of years ago can parallel our own journey. That we must cling to the words in Your book and do what they say if we want to know You, if we want to follow You. That we need to obey your words. Because they are life.

And sometimes that is not easy; sometimes you do not ask of us easy things.

You can come and stand in front of us and ask of us hard things. Really hard things. Like, almost too hard to say ‘yes’ to… except that it is You asking. And how can we say ‘no’ to You, Jesus? When you come and stand in front of us and ask, with love, only love shining out from your eyes?

And I know other hearts in that room were touched – I saw the tears spilling from eyes, I saw spirit touching spirit, places deep within, revealing the rawness.

And I longed, how I longed for this same hunger and thirst that this woman modelled for every other women in the room to experience. Hers was a desperation that drove her to reach out with all her might to the Creator…. But what of these other hearts in this room? They must have carried a spark when they left. That spirit spark can burst into a flame… perhaps small at first, but it can grow with gentle breeze.

So I pray for Your Spirit to blow gentle on embers, igniting tiny flames that will grow as they taste more of You. God, I pray for incredible hunger for you and for your Spirit and for transformation that only You can bring. For healing that only your gentle Spirit can engineer deep inside hearts that have been shut tight away for hurt’s sake. That we would know and understand the truth of the Cross, the truth of the depth of your Love for us. Amen.


Your thoughts?

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