Brave Love in Action

The cat woke me early this morning, begging for her morning meal. After putting her behind closed doors, I tried to close my eyes and drift back to sleep, but all I kept coming up with was this crazy blog post that I had read yesterday. A woman flies into Iraq in order to visit the refugees who have fled the radical terror group wreaking havoc in that country.

Whaaat? Who does that? Who flies into a war zone where a group hell-bent on destruction and terror are gaining ground?

This woman. A woman who has struggled with fear and anxiety for many years of her life. A woman who will not let fear paralyze, but clings tightly to her Saviour’s hand in order to walk through fear.

So she flies into Iraq in the middle of the night. And she sits and listens to the people in a refugee camp. I think my heart might bust up into a million bits of tears if I heard the stories of suffering that she did.

But even if you don’t wish to read the blog post itself, I ask you, would you please consider this: there are 3 million Iraqis who have fled the violence of their own home and have ended up in the north of the country with nothing. They had to flee with nothing but the clothing on their back. We have to help. We need to help. We are the ‘haves’ even if we do not have much, because we have more than nothing, which is all they have.

And as Ann puts it, “small together is the new BIG”. If we each gave even $5, how far could that go? Farther than we imagine…. Please visit here to make a difference.

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