Gentle Conviction


I had come with my own agenda. I had prepared a sheet full of Scriptures pertaining to what I wanted to say. My ammoI was ready.

As the day progressed, I listened and I waited for the right time. It was after a few hours I realized that perhaps what I wanted to say didn’t need to be said.

Listening to others share their stories of how they had heard from the Holy Spirit, or how they felt ‘called’ to a certain place, I felt touched by the way that God was working. Sometimes the Spirit leads people through a vision, a dream, or a prophetic word. But sometimes that is not the case.

The Spirit is at work in so many ways. Quiet, profound ways. Still, small voice kind of ways.

It was then that I felt a catch in my heart, a conviction in my spirit…

… something along the lines of ‘not judging’….  of not being critical….

And when the Holy Spirit convicts me of something, it’s not a hot, condemning kind of feeling. It feels more like an ‘aha’ moment. A quiet correction from the Lord led to a realization.

I had started out the day looking around and feeling ‘different’ from those around me. I had looked at the outward appearance, and I had assumed something about the people that were there. But the Lord… ah yes…. the Lord looks at the heart.

How dare I presume anything about another’s heart?

 In Matthew 7 Jesus says, “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way that you judge others, you will be judged and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

And Paul, in the 14th chapter of Romans also encourages us to leave judgement of fellow believers to God. “Therefore, let us stop passing judgement on one another.”   (Rom.14:13)

Judgement is God’s role, not ours.

I left, feeling touched, humbled and convicted inside. In a good way!

Holy Spirit, I thank you for the way that you teach us and remind us of all things we need to know. You are so kind and good when you do it. What a blessing that when you correct us, you do it so gently. You know how sensitive and quick we are to take offense, Lord! Thank you for your goodness, your kindness and your correction.


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