Tears of God

My heart weeps today.

It weeps for all the pain that has been in the news this week.

It weeps for three plane crashes in one week, and the bodies piling up on the ground and the tears of relatives who grieve their lost ones.

It weeps for Syria, for Ukraine, for South Sudan, for the Gaza conflict, for Iraq.

My heart bristles with anger at the acronym “ISIS” and furies at the news of these hell-hounds who devour and kill and maim and torture those who do not follow their hard core beliefs.

{I’m supposed to pray for those people, Lord? You tell us to pray for our enemies…. How, Lord??!?}

I recall the Nigerian girls, kidnapped months ago. Their plight has faded from the news updates. But they are still missing. Their mothers and fathers still weep for their missing girls. There has been no joyful reunion. And just as I sighed when we all quickly plastered our Facebook pages with #saveourgirls, wondering if it would do any good, weeks later I grimly see that it hasn’t. It caught our attentions for a few precious moments… and then was gone.

Then we move on.

We move on to our kitchen renos, our designer jeans, our Friday lattes with the girls. We despair over a spill on our white carpet, the ding in our front bumper of someone who left the parking lot and didn’t own up to a mistake, the mess in our living rooms.

What’s that phrase? First world problems…   Yah, that’s it.

I know without a doubt that God cries too. His heart must weep at the evil, at the anger, at the injustice that is being hurled at children all over this planet. He sees all of it at once…  His tears must never end.

And I sometimes wonder if He would like to revisit that promise never to flood the earth again, to annihilate everyone and everything. “The Lord was grieved that he had made man on the earth, and his heart was filled with pain.” (Gen.6:6) Doesn’t this seem to be the case right now too? Evil seems great; the darkness seems greater than the light.

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it”   John 1:5

God, where is your light? Where is the light that shines in the darkness? I cannot see it right now…. But I know for a fact that where light shines, the dark must flee. When light is present, darkness cannot remain. 

Light always trumps dark.

I will hang onto this.

Will you join me in praying light into the darkness this week? Envisioning it there? Flooding hearts and minds bowed in grief with the light of the world?


One thought on “Tears of God

  1. Sharon

    I will join you in praying for sure! We have to call or write our government officials too!!! Express our concern…let our voice be heard…let’s not be silent.


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