The tenderness of God


Ok, so it may have been an ugly cry, but it wasn’t a bad cry.

When God touches your heart through the words of others who have no idea who you are, and you know that they are the very words from a Father who loves you so much, there is really no other response to make.

The words spoken over me were encouraging, fresh, and like a dancing waterfall, drenching me and quenching that thirst that exists inside.

tenderizing my heart

I know that when you tenderize meat, you whack the snot out of it.

This was like, God hitting my heart, but not with anything hurtful, but with his love arrows. Love arrows that pierced the skin of my soul and soared into the space in my heart that was desperate to hear His voice.  He is a God that speaks. He is a God that loves so tremendously. His Love undoes me.

Hence the ugly cry.

I have one message:

God is good.

All the time.

He loves you no matter what you have or have not done.

Nothing you do can change the love that He has for you.

He longs to speak into your heart and your spirit and He will, if you can tune your ears to hear Him, His tender voice.

God, hear the prayers of your people today. Do what needs to be done, take obstacles out of their way so that they can hear you. Really hear you. You know what their heart needs, their spirit. Jesus, would you please speak to those who are desperate to hear from You today. God, unblock those ears that cannot hear You. Spirit, touch those needing your touch today, perhaps in a new way. We pray this in your name, Jesus, knowing that You love to answer prayer.



Your thoughts?

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