See to it


I listened to a sermon online yesterday by a radically sold-out-for-Jesus guy named Todd White. He rocks my world every time I listen to him.

He shared something amazing that I had never heard before. One of the names of God in the Bible is “Jehovah Jireh”. We often hear it translated as “Provider”.  Of course, translators do their best to try to convey the meaning behind the words written. Sometimes our language falls short, or can’t quite convey the deeper meaning behind a phrase or word. So Todd was explaining that the name that we often translate as “provider” actually means a little bit more than that. He said that it means “the Lord will see to it”.

The Lord will see to it.

I hang onto that today. No matter what my problem, whatever I am facing, I can surrender it into the hands of Jehovah Jireh knowing that He will see to it.

I have faced a few things this week that seemed too big for me to handle. I felt out of my depths. Because of that, it seemed that I was more able to place the situations into God’s hands, knowing that His hands are way bigger than my hands. My resources are finite; His are not. My wisdom is small; His is unending.  And in the midst of the unexpected storms that hit my life this week, I was kept in peace. I was able to give each situation to God, trusting that He knows all the details, and knowing that He has our best at heart.

The Lord will see to it.

No matter what it is.  I don’t have to worry, because God will see to it. I don’t have to be awake in the night ruminating on the latest developments: God will see to it.

And the reason I know that God is so trustworthy is that I know how good He is. His heart towards us is so incredibly good.

Another thing I’ve been hanging onto this week has been this incredible song: It is Well

I pray that if you find yourself in waters over your head this week, that you would remember who has your back. The One who created the oceans with the breath of His mouth. The One who parted the Red Sea for his people. The One who walked on raging water. The One who stilled the storm with two words.  That’s who has your back.

And He will see to it.



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  1. I love the murmurs of your heart. Thank you for sharing so beautifully.

    And!! You may have listened but I just watched lifestyle christianity by Todd White….SO powerful.

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