The veil is so thin

between heaven and earth where he presently resides;

his body

as thin as a vapour,

his spirit

longing to be reunited with His Creator

It is a beautiful and sacred privilege to be invited into those final holy hours

Treading sacred space

Present in a place where the door to heaven is wide open and beckoning

Where the earthly life fades and gives way to glory

He speaks of an incredible joy that invades him

And he wishes we could feel this same joy;

Perhaps we do, but the tears on our faces belie our underlying joy of knowing that his fight is soon over

That Jesus will stand with big, open arms and

hug him strong

as He welcomes his son back home.


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  1. Well said. The tale is similar when Nana passed. Her faith was great as was her joy in passing. God does heal. He simply chooses WHEN that healing will take place. What joy it must be to finally be able to stand with Jesus especially after such a struggle.

    The sadness I feel is not for him but for us – those left behind to feel his absence.

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