The small things


This morning I was trying to live calm despite the growing storm inside. Big pressure on this week due to a major deadline + birthdays for three people in my immediate household. Lots going on. I noticed that I was snippy with the kidlets, and scarfing breakfast down while standing – never a good sign. Feelin’ the stress….

After the scrambling, logistical nightmare of getting the the kids out the door with book bags, lunch bags, snowpants, clean faces, brushed teeth (hopefully…), agendas, and the latest consent form for something, I was waved down by my neighbour who was on her way to work. I frantically raced to the street to see what she needed to tell me.

She thanked me for a very small gesture. With tears in her eyes, she explained that my 1 minute visit to her door yesterday touched her daughter’s heart in a very big way. I was surprised; it was such a small thing that I had done. In fact, I was berating myself that it had taken me 6 days after I heard some sad news to make it over there with a little something for her daughter. And once again, it was in the middle of a crazy day where I had gritted my teeth in frustration at the busy-ness of my life, flying from one thing to the next all day long.

It’s the small things that matter, she said to me.

 I was so struck by what she said. She is so right – it is the small things. The small deeds that we do to express love and concern for someone – they are sometimes the ones that speak the loudest.

So often I am sidetracked by my own agenda. My busy life. The constant demands. I was so thankful for this reminder about how important the small things can be.


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