Yieldedness before service


yieldylwredto yield: to give over possession of, as in deference or defeat; surrender

synonyms:  relent, bow, defer, submit, capitulate, succumb

Growing up and being mentored by amazing Christian leaders who loved Jesus is something I will be eternally grateful for. One component of the leadership training I received was about having a servant heart. This of course is based upon our Lord’s own example that He gave while on earth. He washed the dirty feet of His disciples with a servant’s towel wrapped around his waist (John 13:12-17).  I know that Jesus gave this example for us to follow.

But do you know what? I believe that much more beautiful to the Lord than a ‘servant heart’ is a ‘yielded heart‘.

What is the greatest commandment? Jesus said it was this: to love the Lord your God with all your heart, and all your soul and all your strength and all your mind (Luke 10:27).

He didn’t respond that the greatest commandment was to run a prayer meeting, join 2 small groups, serve on 3 committees, provide food for the church potluck social, be involved in music ministry, and head up the outreach group every Wednesday evening.

See, I think that sometimes we put an emphasis on having a servant heart. And it ends up that we say ‘yes’ to requests that come our way. Like, maybe even lots of requests.  In our minds we think “I gotta serve! I have a servant heart! Jesus served, and He wants me to serve too!”.

I believe that a yielded heart is a heart that is willing to listen and to surrender to the plans and purposes of the Holy Spirit.

And sometimes that means that we don’t serve. Sometimes it means we say ‘no’ to requests. Because God wants more of our time, more of us. He is a relational God, who longs to be with you. He wants you to want to be with Him too. But often we are just.too.busy.

If you were in relationship with someone special, what would you think if they told you that they were too busy running around doing things for you to hang out with you? I tell you that as someone whose love language is quality time, having my husband do things for me is nice, but it doesn’t exactly communicate love to me in the same way as when he makes time to be with me.

This is not meant to provoke guilt. And I don’t want you to suddenly drop all your commitments and service. Perhaps God has called you into those places of service. But I challenge you to ask, both yourself, and Holy Spirit, if you are truly meant to be doing everything you are doing right now.  I believe that the most important thing that God wants is us. That’s it.

I loved the preamble to this song. This young man expresses it so beautifully.

So friends, be honest. Let God search your heart. Perhaps you need to make more time to just be with Jesus right now. And you know what? With a heart surrendered, completely yielded to the Holy Spirit, you will follow His leads, not your own, into where and what He wants you to do. And in this way, we join with Holy Spirit in doing His work on earth. It’s never about us. Drop your own agenda and take up His. I promise, His plans are always bigger and more exciting than yours! 🙂


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