The blessing of letting go and ‘letting God’

This fall I had a significant shift in my focus, in my life direction, and what I had thought I was supposed to be doing right now. It was a bit of a shock {understatement…}

closed doorThis past weekend, I picked up a little booklet by Nicky Gumbel (of Alpha course fame…) In it, he was talking about how we as Christians receive guidance and direction from God. One part of it really struck me as I read; a portion where he speaks of feeling as if God had shut a door on something that he thought was God’s will for his life.

Yep. I can relate, I thought.

{Perhaps you can too?}

My first reaction to the change was resistance and fear. I dug in my heels and hung on tenaciously to something I felt was being tugged from my tight-fisted grasp. Eventually, after many discussions, and even more tears, a decision was made, but I was still reluctant, still unsure. How could this be the plan when I had felt for many years such a certainty about my direction?

What I have discovered this fall has been space… and, for lack of a better word, breath. There is space for me to ‘be’. There is fresh air being infused into my tired spirit. The change has brought about renewed energy, renewed health and unexpected blessings. I am so thankful.

To think that I had been so resistant, so stubborn and set in my thoughts that I had refused to entertain something else…

I still have a lot of questions: why would God take me out of something that I felt He had called me to? did I mishear? or did I not listen when God may have encouraged me in another direction? or was the ‘call’ that I had felt intended for a certain season, and that had come to an end?

I might not ever know. And I guess that’s ok … I guess...  I’m an answers kinda girl though. I wish I could know every last detail about the situation. But I understand that we might not get answers sometimes.

As my husband and I discussed implications about recent decisions upon our family and our finances, I realized that there could be a bigger picture than we can see right now. What if we were to loosen our grip on other things that seemed certain? Things that seemed set in stone a few months ago? And suddenly, there came a point when we considered one possibility, and the doors of unknown dreams burst open and I could sense exciting things. Things we had never dreamed possible for our family just might be. We serve a God who is the God of the impossible (Lk.1:37). And He can do more than we could possibly ask or imagine… (Eph.3:20-21)

The truth is, there may be more sacrifice that we need to give. And our kids may have to sacrifice too. They won’t understand why they might be asked to give up something. I’m sure there will be tears, dug-in-heels and meltdowns. But, as I have discovered this fall, there are unexpected blessings in letting go.

There is always more – more than we can see ourselves with our limited vision, and sometimes our fists are so tight…

What if we were to release our grip on the things that we hold so tightly? What if we were to trust that God is very good and that His plans for us are more amazing than we had ever imagined?  

letting-go-open-hands(image courtesy of jem)

Here’s to hope. The hope of our infinitely-loving God who has bigger vision than we do and a plan that is far beyond our wildest hopes or dreams.

Oceans, Hillsong UNITED

4 thoughts on “The blessing of letting go and ‘letting God’

  1. Letting go can be painful . . . but oh, what joy in knowing God has something better for us . . . after all He is the one who has planned out our lives for us from the beginning . . . so it is best left in His hands 🙂 ~ Blessings ~


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