It was a long walk over to my friend’s house. I felt nervous, I felt awkward… but I kept my legs moving forward until I reached her door.  {Big breaths were needed to still my racing heart…}

We faced each other, and shared words. We took turns listening. There were tears… on both sides. But in the end?

Sweet, sweet reconciliation.

Yesterday I awoke with bruised heart and a burden on my shoulders.

This morning?   Joy. Complete and utter joy.

I just knew there would be a ‘chapter 2’ to the story.

I happened to be with two amazing women of God, faithful prayer warriors during the afternoon. I shared a bit about the pain in my heart due to the situation I had found myself in. We went to Jesus in prayer.  We asked Him to remove the pain that was in my heart.  I knew that I did not want just a bandage, nor a stitching up of the wound; I wanted my heart to be fully restored.  Wholly healed and restored. In the quiet after our prayer, I could feel no more pain. There was nothing there that I could sense. Just a peace within.

Please understand, this was not a repressing of my hurt, or a suppression of the pain. This was not a “I-will-forgive-and-forget” kind of mind game I was playing. I asked Jesus to come and touch my wounded heart, to fully remove anything that was lodged there, and replace it with his spirit and his love.  And He did.  The pain was totally gone.

I am so thankful for the sweet gift of reconciliation, the restoration of a relationship that could have been destroyed.

All this is from God, who through Christ reconciled us to himself and gave us the ministry of reconciliation… 

(2 Cor.5:18)


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