Worship as a daily attitude


I stumbled across the link at the bottom of this post and as I listened, I thought, “Yes! That is it!”   If you get tired of reading my words, just head down to the youtube link and watch the first few minutes…. 🙂

Heart Murmurs


What do you think of when you hear that word?

Organ music? Hymns? Contemporary worship songs? Guitars and drums? Hearing a 300-voice choir?

Or maybe a place comes to mind? A church, a small group setting at a friends’ house, or a dock on a Muskoka lake, praising the Creator as you enjoy a beautiful sunrise?

Or perhaps a special time –  the morning when you spend some time with God before the day blasts you with tasks, your evening run time when you have a few moments to breathe in the cool air and think and pray about your day?

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending a conference about worship. And I had the pleasure of hearing Brian Doerkson speak. What a lovely, lovely heart this man has. A humble heart. A heart that has known suffering. A heart focused on God.

I’ve been reading a book…

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