New Year : same old, or something new?


On December 31st, I went through a check out counter at the grocery store. The cashier asked if I had any big plans for the evening. We both laughed about the fact that both of us would likely hit the hay before midnight. And then she said something that made me a bit sad. “Yup. Another new year. Same old, same old thing as last year.” A slightly worn smile played about her lips and a lack of hope was drawn across her face.

Immediately I had a searing thought implant itself: It doesn’t have to be.

I wanted to say it out loud to her. But I chickened out. (My courage often walks out on me just when I need it to step up its game.)

This New Year  does not have to be  the same old thing. Jesus promises new life, new hope, newness in all areas of our lives. Seek healing, seek hope, seek Him, and you will find that the old year does not dictate what the new year will look like. Jesus has come! Happy New Year! I pray that there will be something in this fresh year that ignites your inner passion, and fuels your dreams.


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