A moment of unexpected reflection


…washing the bedsheets in case of overnight guest, but haven’t yet heard if someone will sleep between them…. bathroom needs a good clean… so does the living room, for heaven’s sake {mess, mess everywhere!!}…  there are loads of laundry awaiting folding… and I’m wrapping a gift late… still need a birthday gift for a little girl’s party for tomorrow…and groceries for the fridge… and what about the music I am responsible for this weekend…


I use rough twine as a ribbon for the gift.  I admit, I did it simply because I haven’t made it out to get some red and green ribbon to wrap with. I kinda like the look of it though. And then, suddenly it makes me stop:

it reminds me of hay and a simple stable with a wooden trough that held a newborn baby in the straw.

And I long, yes I so long to just sit still and quiet in that stable today and share the wonder of new life, and the most amazing gift the world has ever known: God with skin on.

My heart is railing against the expectations, the to-do list of today. The gruelling schedule. The itinerary.

Time to sit and gaze at the Christ child?   Oh sorry… we didn’t put that in the itinerary for today. No time.

But isn’t that what Advent is for? To reflect? To ponder? To sit in wonder at the gift?

In my mind’s eye, I kneel in the straw, inhaling the sweet peace of the stable, watching young (oh, so young!) Mary gaze upon that new life before her. God. In a manger.

And I’m thankful for that simple piece of twine, wrapped around some festive paper, that caused me to pause for a moment amidst the flurry of activity and to-do lists to reflect on the baby in a manger.


Your thoughts?

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