Advent hearts


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I see the twinkling lights in homes, on bushes and trees, heralding the coming of the Light of the World. I love seeing the lights, the decor, and the time and care put into making our homes look festive and inviting. We are preparing our homes for Christmas, for the coming of the Christ child.

But what of our hearts?

As we prepare our homes for guests, we need to remember that this Advent season is about preparing our hearts to accept Christ. What is your waiting heart looking like these days?

If Jesus were to walk into our homes as one of our special guests this season, would He be more concerned that we have the special Christmas-themed towels in the bathroom? Or would he be more concerned about the state of the hearts in our homes?

Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.      1 Sam.16:7

Advent Blessings…



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