I crave quiet.

I live in a noisy house, with three thriving, healthy younguns, whose energy seems to far surpass my own.

Last night I was at my small group and one woman is going on a silent retreat. I envied her. Others thought it would be impossible for them to do a silent retreat, but I loved the idea.

Quiet. Just me and Jesus. My thoughts. Prayer.

Another woman shared how she is unable to still herself, unable to sit still, unable to “do nothing”, to be quiet. I think that is common in our culture.

Quiet? What’s that? Who wants quiet? We fill our moments with noise, with activity, with a webcast, our iPod, music, the television…

But I know that it is in the quiet that I am more able to hear the still, small voice of God. It is in the quiet morning hours before the pitter patter of small feet, when the tea is hot and the candle lit, that I can sit still, and quiet, and know God.

“Be still and know that I am God” (Ps.46:10)

“In repentance and rest is our salvation, in quietness and trust is our strength…” (Is.30:15)


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