The power of love


We have had a rockin’ time at our vacation bible school this week at church. For those of you who have visions of stiff, nap-inducing, and downright lame mornings spent in a hot church basement, boy, you have never visited our vbs! We were in Babylon this week, learning about Daniel. Amazing upbeat music, incredible decor, heart-stirring dramas, super fun crafts in the marketplace, excellent games… all of this is part of “Babylon!”

I think that my most poignant moment this week came during leader devotionals. Our vbs coordinator shared a story about one of our young participants.

On Monday, a particular child was having a difficult time. He struggles with some issues already, but he was acting up quite a bit and needing one-on-one time with leaders, who tag-teamed it as the schedule allowed. She shared a letter that this child had written to “the leaders of vbs”. In it, he apologized for his behaviour on Monday. But he also explained a little bit more…

He does not often feel loved. His particular issues and problems and behaviour tends to cause people to react harshly. It is hard to love someone who is acting out so dramatically and who may not respond as another child might.

“… On Monday, I wanted you to send me home. I just wanted to be home with my mom. But… you were kind to me…”

This child felt loved. Despite his differences and difficulties and his behaviour, we loved him. I know for a fact that I am not capable of that kind of love. But Jesus is. And when we turn and ask Jesus for that love, for that unconditional love that He carries for each one of us, He gives. And gives abundantly.

And look at the difference it made. This child, who often faces criticism, anger and frustration on account of his behaviour, faced kindness instead.

He felt loved.

Isn’t that what it is all about, this following Christ?

Letting ourselves become vessels for the love that Christ has for each person.

God, you who are Love, the very embodiment of love… fill us with that kindness, that compassion, that one thing that may touch another hurting heart today. Empty us of “us” so that we might be filled with more of You – more Love.


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