Pain Perdu


An illustration came to me this morning as I retrieved ingredients for my favourite breakfast.  During my recent visit to Cape Breton Island our Acadian hostess at a B&B gave me the word for “French toast”.  It is “Pain perdu” which means “lost bread”. The lost bread is the bread that becomes too stale for normal consumption.

Can you relate to feeling like stale bread this morning? Do you feel dry and distant from God, or that your heart is hard, that you are a ‘lost cause’ this morning with God?

There is good news. Pain perdu. French toast.

A stale, lost piece of bread is transformed into a moist, luscious piece of yumminess, a treat for the taste buds.

God, please help us when we feel dry… so dry… so crusty…when we feel like “pain perdu”.  God, infuse us with the moisture that we need. Give us that deep, deep life that we so desperately long for.  Touch us, Spirit. Ruach of God, You who brought dry bones to life, we bring to you our feelings of dryness, our helplessness in the state we find ourselves in today. Bring us to life. We want to know what it means to live the life abundant that You promise. We pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen. 


Your thoughts?

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