A farewell (for now) to dear friends


I’m making pancakes this morning and all of a sudden, the tears come. I’m crying my face off, while I flip pancakes.

I think that I had let my mind stray to the going-away party that our church had last night for our dear friends. This is the first time I’ve cried about them leaving.

These friends feel a strong call to pursue Christ at all costs. And in that calling, they have sold their house, given away all their possessions and are moving to another country in order to pursue the direction that they feel Jesus has called them into. Their 3 kids have given most of their things away and have had their lives and possessions relegated to one Rubbermaid bin each.

These friends, as they have pursued a deeper relationship with Jesus, have pushed the boundaries and the envelope of “doing church”.  They are not into policy, doctrine or religion. They are into Jesus. Fully.

These friends introduced us to the 24/7 prayer movement and “prayer rooms”.  In fact, my friend A felt so strongly about prayer, that she quit her job in order to pray for 6 months. She spent hours in the presence of God, just listening for His still, small voice. Not only that, but they converted a room in their house into a prayer room so that others might join her as they felt led.

This woman has always been there for me as a source of great encouragement, not the least has been in the way of spiritual encouragement – affirming, loving me closer to the Lover of our Souls. She has introduced me to excellent worship songs that are pushing her towards Jesus, and I find that they tend to do the same for me. She has recommended books that speak right into my heart.  She has prayed for me, in my discouragement, in my tears, in my fallen-down-low places in the journey. She has pushed me into the throne room, before the One who loves me more than anything else.

I have seen her transformed over the past few years. In her pursuit of Jesus, in pursuing an intimate relationship more than anything, she has become someone different. She exudes grace and love. Not to say that all is ever perfect… no. But in the presence of Christ she has become someone who has been healed of deeper wounds, she has found a great love that speaks louder than any words. And she tells others how Jesus wants us closer to His heart, all of us. She has pursued the deep heart of God whole-heartedly, and in this, she has become more like Christ: loving.

She is a spiritual soul sister. I will miss her immensely.

My desperate plea to God is to find them a place back here, in our city after their year of education. But that is my selfishness. I must pray what the Son of God prayed: Not my will, but yours be done, Oh Lord. I release them to the great plans that God has for them, no matter that it takes them far from home, far away from us.


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  1. Yes. Yes. Yes. You have written the truth K. They, indeed, encourage us all to seek the kingdom of Christ in everything we do. We stand with them in this journey of faith! xo

  2. Such selflessness is totally awesome and worthy of my jealousy. Our lives are not fulfilled by what we have but by what we let others have.
    All the best to you your friends and their adventures.

  3. Reading this I grasp why you felt in tune with my story of walking with close friends through their grief caused by violence. May you find new ways to be the friends you already are!

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