Come away


“Come away,” I heard Him whisper to my heart.  “Your mind is stayed upon things that are of this world, not of Me…”

The mundane pressed in today. Head lice, nit-picking, vacuuming, laundering, cleaning, tidying, grey weather (again)…


I forget to find the things of beauty in the mundane: the little black squirrel, perched on his haunches, eating something from our rose bush; the beautiful rose bush!! ;  time to vacuum today; a grey kitty cat who looks at me with soulful, green eyes; friends; a worship song; the rain for the parched earth…

The goodness of God. Just His goodness. How can I ever forget that?

Why so downcast, O my soul? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my saviour and my God.                       Ps. 42:11

How to praise, when your soul feels downcast? Sometimes I need a little help…

 I put my ear buds in and listen to praise from Bethel. And my heart becomes stayed on Him…

I lift my eyes from the things around me… and think on things of Him:

  • the little blessings (can you think of 3 right now?)
  • answers to prayer (again, think of 3 – they don’t have to be mountain-moving answers!)

When we seek Him above all else, above all the circumstances, the hurt, the dirt, the mundane-ness of life, He will be found. (Jer.29:13)

Lord God, be with us when we forget: when we forget who You are, when we forget the blessings You bring into our lives, when we forget to thank You for the little things. Jesus, when our hearts and minds become stayed upon other things, please bring them back to You. For You are the source of Life.


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  1. Head lice sounds anything but mundane! Ugh, so sorry you’ve had to deal with this.

    Three blessings: first strawberry picked in the garden today, my farm boy mowing the lawn and using the tractor by himself, and my little freckled boy who said big things about God today.

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