When giving birth may mean giving your life

I just read a stat that shocked my socks off: 1 in 7 women in Papua New Guinea die during childbirth.

1 in 7  die

Ok. Right now I want you to list off 7 friends who are women. Pretty easy. Now imagine one of them not making it because they delivered a baby. And do it again if you can. 7 more acquaintances. You get the picture. The sad picture. The reality of being a woman in a developing country trying to bring life into the world.

Won’t you join me and visit this website? For a mere $10 we can provide 5 birthing kits to enable women to bring their babies into the world.

What a gift for a mother (5 mothers!) on a day like today when we honour motherhood.

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3 thoughts on “When giving birth may mean giving your life

  1. Adriel Booker

    Thank you for joining us in supporting these precious women! Appreciate you helping to spread the word. We’re now up to over 3200 birth kits donated!! Amazing.


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