When giving birth may mean giving your life


I just read a stat that shocked my socks off: 1 in 7 women in Papua New Guinea die during childbirth.

1 in 7  die

Ok. Right now I want you to list off 7 friends who are women. Pretty easy. Now imagine one of them not making it because they delivered a baby. And do it again if you can. 7 more acquaintances. You get the picture. The sad picture. The reality of being a woman in a developing country trying to bring life into the world.

Won’t you join me and visit this website? For a mere $10 we can provide 5 birthing kits to enable women to bring their babies into the world.

What a gift for a mother (5 mothers!) on a day like today when we honour motherhood.

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  1. Thank you for joining us in supporting these precious women! Appreciate you helping to spread the word. We’re now up to over 3200 birth kits donated!! Amazing.

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