Believing in miracles


I hear about the first time he visited an orphanage in that country. How he walked into a room full of 19 cribs that contained 19 children who had never been held… by anyone. And the image, the thought of that, kills me inside. My heart feels so angered at the injustice of children, so loved by their heavenly Father, abandoned and alone….  I’m sure that those tiny spirits inside, so hungry for love, and for touch were dying slowly, starving to death, day by day.

And then he shares about how one of those first orphans that he met phoned him last year. She has become an artist, using her mouth to paint. And she called because she wanted to share her dream with him. An orphan with a dream. With hope in her heart.

What a beautiful thing.

And another orphan from Ukraine, abandoned at birth by her parents because of a physical disability, stands in front of a crowd of people in Montreal this past week as the guest speaker.

I love the stories that Ed shares. His smile is so wide it would break you to pieces and the love he exudes is the love that invaded his heart one day in a small church, as he sat at the back, feeling broken and useless.

Ed Dickson is the founder of Loads of Love, an organization that cares for orphans and widows in Ukraine, eastern Europe and in some parts of Asia. His story is an amazing one. God took a broken man, and touched him with His love one day. This man then gave his heart to the Lord, enabling God to work miracles.

Every morning Ed prays simply: “Lord, let me do your will today. Show me what your will is.”

And miracles happen.

The power of the love of God, working through a willing person brings miracles.

An echo of the words of Christ in Luke 22:42: … yet not my will, but yours be done”

If only every one of us could pray this sincerely every morning. What would happen? Would you be willing to try it for a month? Every morning, those words: “…show me your will, Lord, and let me do it today”  What kind of miracles might you see in your life? How would you see God work through you? Who would God touch through you?

Oh Lord, help me to pray these words. Help me to live these words. I want to see miracles!


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  1. Hello Sister, Thank you for that great article. I am there with you, wanting to see miracles! I believe in divine healing, that Jesus paid the price for our healing by his stripes. I lay hands on people, believing that their healing has been paid for along with their salvation. I just pray that I would be bolder and not draw back, which is my nature, anyways, God Bless You, and keep up the good work. As the world gets darker our light will shine brighter!

  2. The power of the love of God, working through a willing person brings miracles.

    Beautifully said Kristen! I could have listened to Ed for so much longer today….let’s be sure to talk about his message in a few weeks to make sure it is still weighing on our hearts.

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