Happy Birth Day Jesus


Could you, O Christ, have known what it would have been like to strip yourself of power and fold yourself into a human womb? Did you know what it would be like to enter our world, our brokenness, through a young woman? Did you know beforehand what it would be like to feel cold, or alone, or hungry?

Perhaps you did; you of omnipotent nature, you who lives outside of Time and who can step in anywhere along that linear arrangement. Perhaps each Christmas, as we sing of angels visiting shepherds, you are there again… in a way that we cannot be. Perhaps you enter back into Time for that moment. You re-experience the whole sacred moment, of Spirit becoming flesh, of light piercing the darkness.

But would you do it all again?

Holy God, did you know what it would have feel like to have a piece of yourself here on earth, away from You, in a sense? Would you have known how the dance of the Trinity would feel with one part down below, dancing on the Earth while your spirits entwined in the heavens still? Did you know, and You did it anyway, for Love?

Mary, sweet Mary, how could you have known what it meant to say ‘yes’ to the Living God? You, a young woman of perhaps 14. You couldn’t have fathomed what kind of adventure you were about to embark on. But you said ‘yes ‘ anyway… all for Love. Prayer that I could be that courageous when Love comes to ask me to follow on a journey with an unknown destination.

And you, O Mary’s mother…  I wonder how you felt as you saw Joseph take your daughter on the back of a donkey, for a long journey, very close to the time when she should have been surrounded by female friends and family, to help her usher in her first born? You must have worried for her. But I’m sure that through your tears, you prayed her into the hand of God, and knew that you had to let go… for love’s sake.

Dear, faithful Joseph. You who shared the burden of keeping the Christ child safe all the way to Bethlehem and beyond. Did you feel fear and panic, as Mary’s contractions set in, and there was no room for you anywhere? Or was God’s love holding you so tightly that there was no room for fear, just a trust and a knowing, that God had {you and Mary and His own son} in the deep safety of his hand?

“And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us…”     John 1: 14

All for Love’s sake.

Praise be to God.


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