Love = yarn, dimes and dried up macaroni


My four year old son has been into making necklaces for me. His latest creation was a piece of yellow yarn with a dime glued onto both ends (with glue stick glue), and a piece of dried-up macaroni found on the floor after dinner the other night, placed carefully in the middle of the yarn.

He was so proud of his creation.

He made me another necklace, previously, of black pipe cleaner. He had two pieces twisted together to make a long enough necklace, and threaded some beads on it. He often asks me if I want to wear it. And I do, proudly, knowing that this necklace is a gift of his love, even though it scratches a bit. When he sees me wearing it, his eyes light up.

Might this not be the same of our Heavenly Father? We offer Him something, that we have made, we offer our worship, in whatever form it may be (service, music, gift…), and I imagine our Father looking at us in love, realizing that our offering, no matter how small, or simple is an offering of our love to Him. He delights in that.

Other women can have their pearls, their crystal or their diamond necklaces, but me? Well, I’m content with the pipe cleaners and the pieces of yarn – to me they speak of LOVE.


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