The real


I’ve had several invitations this week to go out, en masse, with girlfriends.

I am so thankful for community; I’m so thankful for my girlfriends. Honestly, where would I be without them?

But for some reason, I have turned down a few opportunities. The reason?

Well, something about a group effect. And I know that it has something to do with the space that I find myself in personally too.

Perhaps it’s just my perception. Perhaps I am wrong about this. (And if so, you can even tell me!) But I find that in group, especially as a group gets larger, people tend to put on more masks; masks to hide the real.

The real …of huge life stress and the toll that is taking on mind and body and spirit. The real …of how burdened we feel about a certain situation in our life. The real …pain that we feel because of the loneliness in our lives.

Why do we feel the need to perform? To smile and say things are great, when inside things are cracking?

I would rather spend an hour one-on-one with a girlfriend sharing the real deal, than 2 hours with several women wearing masks. I want to know what is going on at a heart level. Not just your face level. You know that level that I speak of – that superficial level that you show to the rest of the world, afraid that if you show your true self, “the real”, that someone will reject you, or call you weak or… something else.

You know what?

I want to see the real you. I want the real deal, even though it might be messy, sappy, or broken.

Because you know what else?

I am weak. I am cracked and broken inside.

I have different reasons for my brokenness, and for my pain, but it’s there. And when I see the real you, I am able to feel compassion. And I am more able to share my heart with you. Don’t be afraid to show me the real.

You know who else loves you and wants to see the real you, wants to see you take that mask off?



You know it, girlfriend.

Take off that mask. And get real. Get real with me and get real with Jesus. Because he loves you. And He is a safe spot.


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  1. wow, you just summed up my heart’s overflowing desire for my blog . . . offering others “permission” to be real by inviting them into the realness of my heart. the good, the bad, & the ugly (um, yes, usually the ugly). 😉

    thank you so much for being a voice of truth, a voice of freedom. the freedom to be weak, the freedom to be broken, the freedom to be loved — just as we are.

    blessings to you from a fellow sister in the real.

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