Out of the mouths of babes


I’m a grouchy mama today.

It has to do with being tired (yah, sorry, constant refrain, I know), having to deal with several meltdowns and misbehaviour from 2 of the 3 kids, wanting so badly to get to do my own thing: a coffee and my computer at a coffee shop; packing; tidying the messy house; a run… (oh exercise, it’s been so long –  I miss you so!) . As well, the front yard at our present house is still a yawning expanse of dirt needing a front porch and some plants, while the basement is awaiting repairs from years of water damage (new drywall, new bathroom floor… the works) and our new house is presently being ripped apart and put back together. Sometimes it seems that there is too much going on.

To top it all off, my daughter decided that today was kitty’s birthday (kitty is one of her beloved stuffies). It’s not like I need to plan special things for a stuffed animal today besides everything else!!

Really I just feel like I need some quiet time. Some time away from the shrill voices, the demands, the loud playing, the shouting, the yelling that happens around me all the time.

And once again, instead of figuring out some child care, I decide to bite the bullet and do things as best I can. It often comes down to finances (in my mind anyway) but then when I’m losing my mind, really, what does money matter?

I’ve been trying to get out of this miserable mindset I find myself in. Because it’s no fun being a cranky mom. I’m not much fun to deal with.

…3 hours later…

Had some time in the car with the kids. At a certain point, I turned and asked if someone could pray for me because I was feeling really crabby and I was finding it hard to pray for myself.  One of my 4 yr olds offered to pray.

It was a very simple prayer. Beautiful in its simplicity. The other 4 yr old offered a hug. Immediately, my mood lifted. A smile appeared. Ministered to by my four year olds.

Incredible in its beauty.

Grace for the moment from the hands (and mouths) of babes.


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  1. That makes me think it’s time for “the Susanna Wesley approach” to peace and tranquility. Susanna, mother of John & Charles Wesley (founders of the Methodist movement) plus 17 other kids, found it difficult sometimes to find a peaceful and private place in the household to pray (I wonder why?). Her creative solution was to put her apron over her head as a sign to the urchins that Mom was praying and they had better be extra quiet or something dire was about to happen to them. I do realize that in modern terms this strategy does have some limitations, such as “Where was it that I left that apron?”. And of course, it does have limited potential during those times when Mom is driving kids around in the car for example… hmmm… perhaps your approach is better after all now that I think of it!

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