Peeling back the layers


I have been apprenticing to become a part of our prayer ministry team at our church. I think that God has been patiently wooing me toward prayer ministry since my mid-20’s when I was introduced to Leanne Payne’s books on listening prayer and healing ministry. It has been a long journey. More recently, I have been attending training events through PRMI in the form of the Dunamis courses. Another book that I found hugely inspiring and amazing  in its worldview is Waking the Dead, by John Eldredge.

Last week I had the privilege of joining a group of women to pray for someone at our church who desired prayer for healing. We talked with her first, to hear more about the issue, and then we quietly listened to see if anyone had a sense from the Holy Spirit as to how to proceed. One of us shared Scripture, another offered something to the group for discernment, a third confirmed the direction that seemed to be lead.

The interesting thing about healing prayer ministry, is that when we come before the Lord, in quiet submission to His Spirit, listening in our hearts for His voice, we often discover that God wishes us to take a different direction in prayer than either we, or the person who had requested prayer, anticipated.

If we are listening and open, the Holy Spirit will show us things that need to be addressed.

All of us suffer from wounds and heart-hurts from our journey. Whether wounds from early childhood, or from later in life, these wounds and hurts can affect our spirit. This, in turn, can affect our relationships, our feelings, our responses.

God’s desire is for us to experience healing: body, soul, mind and spirit.

I know from Dunamis teachings, and from experience as well, that often we see a certain symptom or situation and we want God to work in that specific area. However, God knows what we need on a deeper level.

A heart level. A soul level.

So we want God to do something about this and instead, He brings up that. Then we’re like “Huh? God… what does that have to do with this?” But the truth is, sometimes God needs to work on a deeper heart issue in order to be able to more fully address the problem or the symptoms that we are concerned about. So sometimes in order to find healing in a physical sense, we need to address something else that is blocking the healing. And often the issue is deeper than physical.

It’s kind of like an onion, with so many layers that can be peeled back. We see the outer layer. God sees each and every other layer that needs to be peeled back. The core issue can be  hidden under layers and layers. God knows the roots of our pain. Will you trust Him to gently peel back the layers? Even those deep ones?


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