Strength for the Journey


Oh Lord God, sometimes parenthood feels so difficult. Sometimes the weariness just feels too big.

Disrespectful words and attitudes come my way; as do three different objects, thrown at me in anger today; ugly words said to a sibling; the sandbox became a mud pit with the hose and little ones were covered in muck and mess before we were due to head to a bbq…

God, I know you never said it would be easy! But sometimes I just feel like crying…

It feels all-encompassing, all-consuming. Trying. So weary-ing.

God, where is the encouragement today? Why does it feel like I’m always pushing against the tide to teach sharing, caring, and love in our home? To honour and love the things that you do? There seems to be constant refereeing, coaching, teaching, discussing… and I just feel exhausted by it all. Day after day after day after day…

And yet you have called me to this. You have blessed me with little ones to shepherd, to guide, to help, to love, to serve.

Jesus, would you please fill me? Fill this empty cup, this empty vessel, with your love, with your words today. Fill me with your Spirit, that I might speak your words, not my own. Fill me to overflowing that your grace and your peace and your love might spill over the little ones that clamour around my legs, looking up at me with their sweet faces. That I might see the beauty in the weariness of the day. Give me your eyes, Jesus! And lend me your strength, for I can do nothing well, apart from You.

“Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest”    – Jesus


Your thoughts?

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