The Gift of Beauty


I attended a wedding with my husband recently. It was a wonderful day.  The setting was spectacular; the ceremony was held beside a river with a covered bridge in the background.

What really struck me was the way that the couple not only planned the day for them to enjoy, but for us, the guests, as well. They had their friends in mind when planning the ambiance, the gifts, the dinner….

All around was so much beauty…

The handwritten place tags,

and ink-stamped, personalized dinner tags,

the birch and burlap-wrapped books on the tables, alongside gorgeous woodland-inspired centerpieces,

burlap envelopes containing herb seeds to plant

It was all so very thoughtful and so very beautiful.

It made me realize that beauty and taking time to thoughtfully create makes one feel cared for, and special. In their careful planning for their wedding, they had taken time to care for us.

I left wishing that I could unearth more beauty in my own domain, my own home.

It seems so often that I am desperately trying to keep on top of mess, instead of creating beauty around us. I am cramming clothes back into drawers, stuffing closets already overflowing with objects with no permanent home (er, no home yet..), hiding papers in shelf units, or boxes until they can be “dealt with properly”.

I long to create an oasis of beauty. I see beautiful spaces in homes. My breath catches in my chest as I see the simple and elegant way that some people manage to live.

I long for this: simplicity, elegance, beauty.

I look at my garden and long to create beauty there. But I’m not quite sure how. I don’t have the gift of vision, really. I don’t want to read a book about how to do it, I don’t want to spend hours researching plants, I don’t want to have to have a garden plan – I just want to plant some bulbs and have beauty appear!

Creating beauty around me takes time and it takes care. Time seems hard to come by these days. But will it really get any easier to find time? (I doubt it lol!) I always feel as though the laundry needs folding, or the floor needs vacuuming (again!!?!) before I can spend time creating a beautiful Scripture wall verse to adorn a blank wall …

I know that God loves beauty – he created this beautiful Earth for us to enjoy. He created newborn babies that are impossibly, incredibly beautiful. And he wants us to be co-creators with Him.

Beauty. I long for it. I seek it. I crave it around me.

And many thanks to DS and KAS for the gift of sharing in their beautiful wedding day.


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  1. I think most people who manage to live in a “simple and elegant way” don’t have several small children… I hear you on the beauty thing, but just don’t overlook that you, along with God, are creating beauty in your little ones. And that’s a beauty that will last and multiply!

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