A Response


This post is in response to last Wednesdays’ post at A Holy Experience:

Oh how this makes me weep today, these words.

I review the day and I can hear the teasing and the tormenting of older brother. Taunting the younger one, the one with the sensitive, gentle spirit. It breaks my mommy heart when it happens.

And my ire can rise so quickly. I see red at a perceived injustice, at words or actions that hurt another.

I don’t want this sibling struggle, this rivalry, this hurt between brothers. I wish for love and peace in our household. Gentle words, helpful hands, servant hearts…

The illustration of the cracked egg and the words

“When we break each other… we break Jesus”

is so powerful.

My eyes well up as I recognize that I do the same thing some days. I break my dear little ones with harsh words, with anger and impatience. And in so doing, I break Jesus. As if He was not broken enough for me already!

Jesus, change me. Teach me patience, teach me grace, give me loving words to replace those harsh ones that leap up to the surface in moments of frustration. Give me self-control in those moments. Help me remember the egg; so fragile, just like we are. Help me to treat others with tenderness and care.

Jesus, I can’t do this on my own.


Your thoughts?

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