Doors wide open


I didn’t know what to pray. So, I just prayed for God to open doors, or for Him to close them. I would be content with either outcome.

I kept expecting closed doors. And God kept opening them.

Imagine my surprise when God blew away my meagre expectations with his amazing grace and his incredible generosity.

Why did I expect less than that?

I think I prepare myself for “less than” in order to avoid crushing disappointment.

God opened one door after another, in only a way that He could. Not only that, but he blew open the doors in a big way, bigger than I could have ever hoped or imagined.

And I praise God for knowing the desires of my heart, and for blessing me with them, despite me not believing he would. I knew that he could, but would he? Why would we deserve this blessing? Why would God give us such an incredible gift?

It is not because of works. We don’t deserve this any more than anyone else. It’s not because we have more faith, or better prayers. It’s not us at all. It was an act of God. Completely and totally.

A new place to live.

I praise the Lord for his goodness!

Every good and perfect gift is from the Lord…    James 1:17


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